Our development and design department offers you a professional product system that combines multicellular cells and professional storage benefits for various operational areas.

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Professional Tilt bin storage products To your workspace

A Tilt bin metal cabinet

height: 202 cm | width: 66.6 cm | depth: 28 cm

Short Tilt bin metal cabinet

height: 92.6 cm | width: 66.6 cm | depth: 28 cm

catalog number: 33760002

catalog number: 33760001

Gondola - Economy moving compartment

height: 210 cm | width: 135 cm | depth: 68 cm

catalog number: 32780145

Gondola - Moving compartment 4 rack

height: 220 cm | width: 127 cm | depth: 62.5 cm

catalog number: 32780145


Tilt-bin carousel  4 colors Tilt bin walls

height: 122 cm | width: 94 cm | depth: 94 cm


catalog number: 32760012

catalog number: 32760012


G2 Set 669

Optimal system for storing small parts

  • All cells are aligned to the front

  • Convenience in wall mounting

  • Handles can be replaced with other colors

Easy and smooth opening

Including stickers

Complex manual carrier: 42 bins + closures

  • Ideal for carPerfect storage for small parts

  • Prevents dust inside the transparent cell

  • A single cell can be pulled out

  • Tool storage compartments

  • Includes stainless steel closure for Tilt bin

Stainless steel closure for Tilt bin

Comfortable carrying handle