Tilt bin

Tilt bin G1

  • Perfect storage for small parts

  • Suitable for many uses: industrial, medical and domestic

  • Keeps stored parts free of dirt and dust

  • Modular: seven cell dimensions, all of a uniform width - 60 cm

  • Function: Durability for many years in intensive use

  • An ideal solution for visual inventory management

  • A proven solution for three decades

Tilt bin number 5

white 3160502

Beige 3160500

Tilt bin number 2

white 3160202

Beige 3160200

Tilt bin number 6

white 3160602

Beige 3160600

Tilt bin number 3

white 3160302

Beige 3160300

Tilt bin number 9

white 3160902

Beige 3160900

Tilt bin number 4

white 3160402

Beige 3160400


Tilt bin G2

Innovative development of G1 multicellular products

  • Innovative operation and appearance

  • Possibility to assemble handles in different colors

  • Convenient marking option: sticker, marker, image

Tilt bin number 5

Beige frame with green handle


Tilt bin number 6

Beige frame with green handle


Tilt bin number 9

Beige frame with green handle


Tilt bin number 3

Beige frame with green handle


Tilt bin number 4

Beige frame with green handle



G2 Tilt bin handles

Yellow Tilt bin handle

Red Tilt bin handle

Green Tilt bin handle






3 sets of Tilt bin handles

4 sets of Tilt bin handles

5 sets of Tilt bin handles

6 sets of Tilt bin handles

9 sets of Tilt bin handles

White Tilt bin handle

Blue Tilt bin handle
















G2 Set 669

Optimal system for storing small parts

  • All cells are aligned to the front

  • Convenience in wall mounting

  • Handles can be replaced with other colors

Easy and smooth opening

Including stickers

Complex manual carrier: 42 bins + closures

  • Ideal for carPerfect storage for small parts

  • Prevents dust inside the transparent cell

  • A single cell can be pulled out

  • Tool storage compartments

  • Includes stainless steel closure for Tilt bin

Stainless steel closure for Tilt bin

Comfortable carrying handle

G1 storage system with removable partitions

Tilt bin compartments are all similar in design and features to the original multi-compartment series, but with one difference: the units feature flexible plastic partitions that can be removed and positioned differently depending on the storage volume and user needs. Available in white and beige.

Tilt bin set each - 2 beige

Tilt bin set each - 1 beige

Tilt bin set each - 1/2 beige

Interlocking storage cells

Individual storage compartments The price is as individual modular units that allow the integration of additional compartments at the top and sides. A solution especially suitable for small and narrow spaces and for storing small items found in the home, store and small industry.

Mini Tilt bin lid - 5

Mini Tilt bin set - 5 beige



Stand 4 sides

Hand carrier

Empty configuration

* All types of Tilt bin  can be combined

Empty configuration

* Tilt bin combination 5 + 6 only


Self-assembly stands

The construction is made of high-quality aluminum, designed for high loads and for intensive professional use. Supplied in a cardboard package for self-assembly and contains detailed assembly instructions.

Two-sided stand

Empty configuration

* Does not include storage compartments

One-sided stand

Empty configuration

* Does not include storage compartments

A perfect frame for an ideal storage solution on a garage wall, a craft workshop and the like.

  • Comes packaged in one carton including the tools and assembly instructions.

  • Multiple combinations of Tilt bin and Tilt bin 2 to 9 can be contained.

  • Comes included in a key and level package for precise and quick assembly.

rack 200 cm

rack 116 cm

rack 60 cm